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Our story

I'm Ariadna Mayoral,

Considering that I was born in Madrid, Spain's capital city in the middle of the country, it is curious that my entire working life has been connected with the sea and with ships. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science and training in the Prevention of Occupational Hazards I worked at the central offices of a shipping company for several years. Once I acquired considerable experience in the maritime sector, my urge to explore and my passion for travel led me to spend 6 years as an Environmental Officer on board cruise ships.

During this period, I relished all of the fine opportunities that life at sea provided me with each day. I had the privilege of sailing on famous flagships such as the Queen Mary 2, and the pleasure of seeing unforgettable sunsets from the open sea in the remotest corners of the globe. It was undoubtedly an adventure and a life-changing experience that meant a before and after for me.

However, certain aspects of life on the vessel, such as the many days without setting foot on land, the frequent time zone changes, or the fact of working a long way from home, led me to experience episodes of stress that, accumulated over time turned into burnout and chronic fatigue. These processes, which I overcame with a significant amount of self-work, helped me to understand that life at sea is unique and requires a high degree of self-awareness and the development of a specific set of skills. I came to the conclusion that it is essential to master a number of capabilities that enable us not only to do our work successfully and stop stress paralysing us, but also to enjoy the experience of being at sea and to make the most of our time off.

This experience, which was so enriching for me both personally and professionally, enabled me to go another step further in my career, since it awoke in me the desire to specialise in this field, and I decided to spend the next years undertaking training in human resource management, leadership and personal development. I also completed a postgraduate degree as an Anxiety and Stress Intervention Specialist at the Madrid Complutense University. This specialisation allowed me to integrate all of my knowledge and experience in order to apply them to the maritime sector. Given my background, this is the area in which I can undoubtedly provide the greatest added value.

Since then, my passion has become my profession, and I devote my life to accompanying other seafarers in finding their balance on board. To achieve this, I count on the support of a great team of partners who collaborate with Sea Wellbeing from different locations around the globe. In this life venture we advise maritime professionals with comprehensive perspective to optimally manage their daily life at sea. We provide a wide variety of tools that will enable them not only to perform more effectively at work, but also to get the most out of everything that shipboard life can offer, and to enjoy it to the full.

At heart, we provide the means for working on board ship to become a source of personal power with which to transform stress into balance and wellbeing at sea

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