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Find your balance onboard

Personalised stress prevention and management services for seafarers

Sea Wellbeing

Stress Management

We are a company with extensive experience in the maritime sector offering custom-designed solutions for the prevention and management of stress and anxiety

About us


Our work with a variety of shipping companies has led us to experience first-hand the stressful situations that can arise on a ship. With the technical knowledge and tools that we provide, seafarers learn to handle stress successfully. This reduces the frequency, intensity and duration of episodes, and stops stress-related symptoms from becoming chronic and leading to disease

Online mentoring sessions with a cognitive-behavioural approach enhanced with other highly effective multidisciplinary techniques.
We design each session based on the needs and life circumstances of the individual seafarer in order to ensure satisfactory results in the shortest possible time.
Our main objective is to increase their health and wellbeing through optimum management of their stress and anxiety levels

Individual mentoring sessions can be flexibly combined with custom-designed training programmes arranged in independent modules. This strategy ensures greater success in preventing and managing stress and anxiety for each selected employee. Furthermore, it guarantees a significant improvement in their life quality, which has a positive impact on productivity and reduces potential incidents

Why Sea Wellbeing?

Because life at sea is unique and deserves to be lived fully

I have spent more than 14 years of my career in the maritime sector, where I have enjoyed unforgettable experiences. However, specific aspects of life on a ship led me to face episodes of anxiety, chronic fatigue and burnout, which I successfully overcame with a considerable amount of self-work. During this process I came to understand that in order to get the most out of daily life on board, it is essential to become deeply self-aware and to develop specific skills that will enable us to combine life and work satisfactorily. All of this inspired me to specialise in stress and anxiety management applied to the maritime sector and I founded Sea Wellbeing.

This project is a life venture in which a worldwide team of partners guide professionals in the maritime field to find their balance and wellbeing at sea.

Ariadna Mayoral
CEO & Founder of Sea Wellbeing

The possibilities are

Our value proposition

What sets us apart


We have firsthand knowledge of the ins and outs of the maritime sector thanks to our many years working both on board ship and on land


A seafarer's privacy is 100% guaranteed at all times


Our own shipboard experiences of episodes of stress and anxiety have provided us with both a profound understanding of the problem and the appropriate tools and skills to enable others to cope with them successfully

Personalised and flexible service

We adapt to the specific needs and circumstances of each individual seafarer to offer them a custom-designed service

Our personalised services for stress and anxiety management are also available to companies and individuals from any sector other than maritime, since they are customized.

These are some of the organisations we have worked with:

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