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Increase productivity


Custom-designed training programmes


Personalised mentoring sessions for seafarers (55 minutes)


On board ship, in-company or online (Webinar, Skype, or similar). English and Spanish

The impact of stress and anxiety on productivity

The unique conditions of the maritime sector have contributed to shipping companies becoming increasingly sensitive to the mental health of their crews. A significant percentage of their employees (80%) experience occasional to frequent stress, and 60% of them suffer stress to a moderate or high degree, according to a survey carried out by the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

of the seafarers experience occasional to frequent stress at sea
of them suffer stress in the moderate to high category

These indicators have a direct impact on a company's performance, productivity and competitiveness

As a result, and despite the particular limitations of the working environment of the maritime industry, the sector must have strategies in place that contribute to lowering the impact that stress factors have individually on the health of each seafarer. All in all, the company’s success depends to a large extent on the wellbeing of their employees

Sea Wellbeing promotes mental health and productivity, as well as the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the maritime sector


Our extensive experience in the maritime sector, both on board and on land, gives us an overall view of the principal needs of both crew and company. All of our services have been developed with a cognitive-behavioural approach enhanced with other multidisciplinary techniques, due to its proven high effectiveness in both preventing and managing stress and anxiety. Therefore, our main objectives are:

Stress & anxiety prevention

This enables the early identification of symptoms and provides the necessary tools to prevent them becoming chronic and pathological. Highly recommended for new hires

Stress & anxiety management

This provides strategies that are able to reduce the impact that stress factors have on health and wellbeing. Recommended for seafarers presenting non-adaptive symptoms who need tools to improve their quality of life on the ship


In order to guarantee results in the shortest possible time, our two types of services can be combined in a flexible manner:

Training programmes

Personalised online mentoring sessions

Training programmes

Each programme is arranged in individual modules that companies can combine to suit the specific needs of each ship or group of seafarers.
The topics to choose from include:

  • Prevention and management of stress and anxiety - Guidelines for seafarers
  • Prevention and management of stress and anxiety - Guidelines for companies
  • Leadership and skills for improved productivity
  • Psychological Wellbeing at Sea
  • Emotional Intelligence, anger and sadness management
  • Healthy and Mindful Eating
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Self-esteem, self-knowledge and sense of belonging
  • Personality traits and burnout
  • Relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • Biofeedback & Neurofeedback
  • Time management
  • Dispute resolution tools, communication and social skills
  • Motivation and tools to avoid procrastination
  • Other custom-designed content

Personalised online mentoring sessions

For maximum effectiveness, companies can supplement the training programmes with personalised mentoring sessions, selecting the crew members involved and the number of sessions that they will receive.

We recommend a first in-person session on board or at the company offices, with follow-up online for each seafarer.

Our added value


All of our programmes are custom-designed to fit the circumstances and objectives of each company and its crews


At Sea Wellbeing we rely on a team of professionals with extensive experience in the maritime sector

International presence

We are located in different continents to facilitate our availability worldwide and to provide cover for flags from any nation

Benefits for companies and seafarers


Increased balance and wellbeing of seafarers (confidence, morale and self-esteem). Positive Healthy Organizations


Increased productivity and effectiveness of teams

Working Environment

Better working atmosphere. Positive psychological capital of the seafarers

Working Relations

Better-quality relations between seafarers and land-based staff


Improved onboard communication


Prevention of occupational hazards and decrease in the number of incidents


Decrease in absenteeism, presenteeism and onboard staff rotation. Improved engagement


Overall reduction of the potential environmental impact

Minor costs

Significant cost saving of health-related sick leave and incidents

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